Our initial consultation fee is a nominal fee of $250.00 per half hour. This gives you a chance to meet with us and it gives us an opportunity to consider your case in greater detail. 

We will analyze your case and recommend a strategy or different strategies for your case. 

We will quote our fee for the entire case and we will credit the fee paid for your initial consultation to the total fee. (In certain types of cases we charge hourly rate) We do not provide free initial consultations, because the quality of our initial consultation is based on many years of experience, education, and our reputation. Note: We do not deal with deportation cases, asylum cases, alien smuggling and certain other areas of the law, because we aim to be among the best lawyers in the areas in which we do practice. Please call us a (858) 412-1309.


Telephone Conferences 

A telephone conference can be scheduled with Attorney Leon Snaid to discuss your immigration issues. 

It is almost impossible to provide accurate information to an e-mail inquiry in a brief reply. Simple e-mail questions often raise more questions by the attorney and there are often different possible answers. This is too time consuming and confusing. 

To solve this dilemma we offer a 30 minute consultation at a nominal, reduced fee so that we can devote quality time and attention to your needs.


Cost of consultation 

Cost of consultation: $250.00 for 30 minutes. 

If you retain our law office for any services within 30 days of our telephone conference, you will be credited with the sum of $250.00, being the cost of the initial telephone conference. 


Times for conferences 

We schedule telephone conferences at 9:30 am, 10:00 am, and 10:30 am (California-Pacific Standard Time) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. 


How to schedule a telephone conference

STEP 1: 
Please e-mail or call us requesting a telephone conference. 

STEP 2: 
We will e-mail you with two alternative dates and times from which to choose. 

STEP 3: 
When we confirm the consultation time, we will request you to fax us your credit card information before your telephone conference. 

The Fax should state: 

"Legal fee of $250.00 for telephone conference" 
Name of cardholder…
Card number………
Date of expiration………. 

Please call our office at the exact time scheduled for the conference so that you can receive the full benefit of your 30 minute conference.

Tel: (858) 412-1309 If your issue is an emergency, please call us at (858) 412-1309 and we will schedule an earlier conference. 

The information which you provide us will be kept strictly confidential and will not be released without your permission. 

The telephone consultation will not establish an attorney-client relationship. An attorney client relationship will only be established if a fee contract is entered into between us. 

We look forward to hearing from you.