We are a San Diego Immigration Law Firm, which represents clients throughout the USA.

Immigration law is federal law so the immigration laws are the same in every state.

Our Mr. Snaid immigrated to the San Diego in 1981. As an immigrant to the USA he understands that immigration law cases have profound consequences for his client’s lives. Accordingly, we approach every immigration law case with the gravity that it deserves.


Investor/Business Immigration Law:

We are often consulted in complex Business and Investor immigration law, because of our extensive knowledge and experience of representing clients in business and corporate law. 

Mr. Snaid practiced primarily in the areas of corporate and business law before immigrating to the USA. Very few immigration lawyers are knowledgeable in business immigration law, because they have not gained experience in corporate and business law. Sure they understand that if a person buys a business or spends a large amount of money starting a business then they will qualify for an E-2 visa, if they are from “treaty country.”

We know the strategies and techniques of how corporations and LLC’s can be adapted to comply with the immigration laws.

We represent clients in applications for:

Treaty Investor (E-2) visas;

Treaty Trader (E-1) visas; and

Intra Company Transfers for Multinational Executives and Managers (L-1) visas, which are all temporary resident business visas. (See the link Working Visas)

In the area of Business Immigration Law, we apply for clients’ green cards as multi-national executives/managers in the Priority Workers category. This is sometimes referred to as converting an L-1 visa to permanent residence. 

Immigration laws were changed in 1990 to make it possible for investors to get permanent residence through significant investments. This is known as the Employment Creation Visa (EB-5 visa) it is also known as the Investment Green Card. 


Family Immigration Law

Marriage and fiancé immigration law is the area of immigration law that Mr. Snaid describes as “a joy to practice.” Why? Because it is replete with love stories of how people of different cultures and countries found each other.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Immigration Service does not share our view on romance. There are complex immigration laws that can create havoc and hardship on couples, if they innocently believe that love and marriage to a U.S. citizen is all they need to get green cards. See our link.

We will only take on genuine marriage cases.Our reputation and integrity is too precious to us to be involved in phony green card applications.

Parents, children, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens are other ways to immigrate to the USA.


Same Sex Marriage

Fiance Visas



Other Family Relationships


Working Visas (Employment Immigration Law)

This is the area in immigration law of both temporary work visas and permanent residence work visas. Sometimes a temporary work visa prompts an employer to apply for a permanent residence work visa.

Temporary Work Visas in Immigration law include:

Treaty Trader E-1 Visas

Treaty Investor E-2 Visas

Intra-Company Transferees: L-1 Visas

Business Visitors: B-1 Visas

Professionals in Specialty Occupations (H-1B visas)

Extraordinary Skilled workers (O-1 visas)

Entertainers, Athletes, Performers (P visas)

Religious Workers (R-1 visas)

(TN) for people from Canada or Mexico, who qualify under NAFTA


Permanent Residence Work Visas

Getting a green card through a person’s occupation under the U.S. immigration laws generally requires a Labor Certification through a PERM application, but there are employment green card categories, where a person can apply for permanent residence straight off, without going through the Labor Certification (PERM) process.

The Labor Certification process requires an employer to prove to the Department of Labor that there are no U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are ready, able and willing to do a particular job for the prevailing wages and working conditions associated with the job in a particular geographic area.

The categories of green card applications that do not require Labor Certifications include: 

People of Extraordinary Ability in the Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics; 

People of Exceptional Ability and Outstanding Professors and Researchers whose services will be in the National Interest and 

Multinational Executives and Managers (EB-1)

Religious Workers and Special Immigrants



Citizenship and Naturalization Law

Most of our work in the area is in applying for citizenship through Naturalization for our clients.