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Marriage Immigration Visas

While I practice in various areas of Immigration Law, I am primarily a Las Vegas marriage visa lawyer.

I am licensed to practice law in California, and I have represented clients from all over the world and the USA for 41 years. I can serve as an immigration lawyer anywhere in the USA. The reason for this is that Immigration law is Federal law and is not limited to any one state. Immigration law is the same in all 50 states

Las Vegas is probably the marriage capital of the world with many wedding chapels, where marriages are officiated by everyone including Elvis. If anyone tells you that Elvis is dead, he is alive and well in Las Vegas.

I get to work with people, who are in love and one of them is starting a new life in the USA. Many people from different states come to Las Vegas to get married. People are happy, content and excited, when the foreign-born spouse received permission to live in the USA. It is much better than being a divorce lawyer, where both partied are unhappy in the end. with the result. So, it is very rewarding and interesting to be a marriage visa lawyer in Las Vegas.

I have had clients from outside Nevada, who questioned whether it would be appropriate for them to get married in Vegas. They were concerned that the Immigration Service would regard their marriage as flimsy and phony, because of all the weird stories about people getting drunk and getting married in Vegas. This is not the attitude of Immigration officers. They know that people can combine their wedding and honeymoon by coming to Vegas

Each couple has their own romantic story about how they met, how their relationship developed and the special proposal. They are joyous and excited, when they come to see me. Well, most of the time they are happy, but sometimes they are frustrated and angry, because their case has been messed up and they want me to help them.

It is important for a couple to obtain legal advice if they are contemplating the possibility of marriage.  As a Las Vegas marriage visa lawyer, I can advise you in a telephone consultation or personally about the laws, and waiting times for marriage visas in Las Vegas and other cities in the USA. Do not get married without first discussing your marriage visa case with an attorney. It is so easy to screw up your case by believing that “love conquers all.”

Coming to the USA to Visit or Marriage?

One of the innocent, yet major blunders that couples make is when they are on the same flight coming to the USA to get married and start a home here. The foreign-born partner has a tourist visa and when asked the reason for the visit joyously replies “to get married and live here.”

If a couple definitely intend getting married in the USA and live in the USA, then it is not possible to enter the country on a Tourist Visa or a Visa Waiver. It is necessary to obtain Fiancé Visa and this can be lengthy procedure.

If the couple has not agreed to get married and one of the parties is merely visiting the United States with a clear intension to return home, but the couple decide to get married during the visit, then it is possible to use a marriage visa lawyer in Las Vegas or anywhere to file for a marriage visa or a green card as it is sometimes called.

It does not matter, where the couple get married in the USA. Many people come to Las Vegas to get married and it is not frowned upon by immigration officials in different cities.

This all hinges on the intension of the parties, especially the foreign visitor, when entering the United States. It is possible to change your mind after you are in the USA.

Same Sex Marriages

There is absolutely no difference between heterosexual marriage and a gay marriage. Having said that a major part of the marriage interview process is to determine whether the parties have a genuine love relationship. So, it is an area where examiners may question the relationship to ensure that the marriage is not a marriage of convenience, where a friend is helping another friend get a marriage immigration visa.

While the law does not require you to use a Las Vegas marriage visa lawyer or a lawyer from anywhere else, please beware of people posing as “notaries,” who claim to represent clients in marriage visa cases.

Fiancé Visas

This is where the parties want to get married in the USA and the foreign party cannot obtain a tourist visa to enter the USA. The process is very similar to applying for a marriage immigration visa from a consulate. It takes time.

The application is made in the USA and if it is approved the foreign party will be interviewed at the foreign consulate to determine whether the parties do have a loving relationship.

The consular officer will ask questions about any language barriers. If the U.S citizen only speaks English and the fiancé only speaks a foreign language there is a great chance that the visa will be denied. The consular officer will also ask questions about what the U.S citizen does for work, who are his friends, what does he do for fun as well as his family members.

If the fiancé visa is granted then the person is given a fiancé visa and the parties must get married within 90 days. They will then apply for the marriage visa after they are married.

As a Las Vegas marriage visa lawyer, I can represent you through the fiancé visa process and then the marriage visa application, wherever you intend living in the USA.

Parents and Children of U.S. Citizens and Other Family Members

Parents and children like spouses are regarded as “immediate relatives.” While it is still necessary to apply for immigration visas or green cards for them, they are in a special category where they are not subject to the Priority Dates. In other words, there are lines to obtain the green cards and there is a wait for these green cards

So, sons and daughters and married children of U.S. citizens, spouses and children of permanent residents and siblings of citizens receive a limited number of permanent resident visas each year and the lines are further complicated by the country where you were born.


Leon Snaid

Leon Snaid has 40 years’ experience as an Immigration lawyer. He has lived, breathed and fought many successful immigration cases. He achieved the high status as an “Immigration Law Specialist” twenty years ago. He has been designated as a “Preeminent Attorney” by Martindale Hubbell. He sees possibilities that many other attorneys don’t see.

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We are thrilled with how Leon Snaid handled our immigration case. Leon is polite, professional, prompt, and extremely effective. It put my wife and me at ease knowing Leon was helping us. His knowledge of the...

- Brett J. and Teresa D.

My husband and I hired Leon Snaid to represent me for my Green Card. He explained the law in very easy to understand language to us and that gave us much more confidence and we felt less frustrated about the...

- Ekaterina Richard M.

Leon is very experienced, skillful and professional in handling immigration cases. He has great personality. He always gives out plenty pointers for the clients to remember and his price was reasonable too. My...

- Jingzhou F.

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