E-2 Visa – Treaty Investor

This is a visa limited to citizens to certain countries. See the list of countries (2023)


The investor must show that he/she has either made or is actively in the process of making a substantial investment in an enterprise.  The enterprise must be a business.  It cannot, for example, be an expensive house.  

What Is Substantial?

a. At the present time, there is no minimum dollar figure established for meeting the requirement of “substantial” investment.  The Secretary of State may establish a minimum amount but has not done so at this time.  

b. The amount of the investment should be enough so that the business will likely succeed

The consular officer will focus on the type of business to determine the total amount of investment reasonably needed to establish such a business.  For example, the total amount of money needed to start a consulting service will be much less than to open a food processing plant.  

In businesses requiring smaller amounts of investment (e.g. service-oriented businesses), the treaty investor must contribute a very high percentage of the total investment, whereas in businesses requiring a larger total investment, the percentage may be less.  

The amount of the investment at the time of the application is relevant.  In other words: what amount of money is at risk at that time?  Future investment is not considered.

The investment must be “at risk” in the commercial sense. So it is not possible to obtain a loan that is secured by the assets in the business.

The investor must have control. Control may be 50% of the enterprise and someone else may have 50%. This is in order as long as there must be agreement on all decisions.

The Enterprise Cannot Be Marginal

(1) An applicant is not entitled to E-2 classification if the investment, even if substantial, will return only enough income to provide a living for the applicant and his family or

(2) It must have a substantial economic impact in the USA. 

The employee must be an executive, manager or supervisor.  If employed in a minor capacity, the employee must have special qualifications that are essential to the efficient operation of the enterprise. 

The investor is coming to the USA solely to develop and direct the enterprise; and 

Intends to depart from the United States upon the termination of E-2 status.

Period of validity of the visa varies with each treaty country.  In some cases, it may be granted for up to five years, with indefinite extensions. 

Spouses and minor children of E visa holders will also be granted E visas, even if their nationality is not the same as the principal E visa holder.   

A spouse of a treaty investor may obtain work authorization. 


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